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HugeUC and OCG Fiber Optics have partnered together to finally bring businesses a wallet-friendly, phone and internet bundle like no other.

By bundling together fast, reliable fiber optic internet with top-of-line business-class hosted phone services, businesses can get ALL their communication needs, goods, and services in one, money-saving package that just makes sense while saving dollars.

Who Can Get it?

Together, HugeUC and OCG Fiber Optics are bringing a never before offered bundle exclusively for businesses at specific locations in the New York metropolitan area.

The Bundle

Super-fast, secure, reliable internet paired with a state-of-the-art Cloud-based business phone system has never been better, easier to get, or more beneficial.

Save money, time, and headaches by getting all your internet and business phone service needs in one place.

There’s no better time to make sure your business is not just ready for today but ready for the unpredictable future, with an internet and phone service bundle curated explicitly for you.

Curated For You

In technology services, every business has a few features, services, or products that they need to emphasize in order to be successful.

Other businesses - even in similar industries - may need a completely different set of goods and services to get the most out of their business model.

This usually means businesses buying one-size-fits-all technology solutions are forced to spend their hard-earned money on things they don’t want or need.

But not with this.

Save money while getting a bundle that uniquely matches your needs - and no one else’s.

With our carefully curated bundles, businesses will have all their internet and business phone service needs met, and then some, without paying for things you’ll never use!

What Businesses Get With HugeUC and OCG Fiber:
    • Lower Monthly Bills – businesses on average will save 20 to 40% off their monthly phone and internet bills
    • State of the Art Goods and Services – from the ultra-fast fiber-optic network to the feature-rich and easy to use hosted phone service platform; all aspects of your business’s communication  will be state of the art. 
    • 99.99% Reliable Network – if it’s not reliable, it’s not for you. Businesses today cannot afford a network with poor connectivity and frequent outages – luckily, they don’t have to
    • No Hidden Fees – we lay all the details out for you in straight forward terms, so you know exactly how much you’re paying and how much you’re saving 
    • Easy Shopping – handle ALL your business’s internet and phone service needs in one place, at the same time.
    • Scalable – scalability is critical for modern business. Our internet and hosted voice platform are both designed with scalability in mind – so when you’re ready to expand your business, there’s nothing in your way
    • Better Customer Service – With 100s of dynamic features available, businesses can offer a professional, unique customer experience that increases customer satisfaction and retention 
    • Mobility – without a degree of mobility, businesses will be too rigid to succeed in the uncertain future. But with this bundle, businesses have a mobile, flexible unified communications system that can go basically anywhere they go 
    • Support, Support, Support – support can be the missing ingredient you’re looking for. One thing that has fueled both OCG and HugeUC to success has been their commitment to treating businesses like partners

Not for everyone

This Bundle is not offered to everyone!

You’re fortunate enough to be in a special area where we can offer this unique bundle at a price point we can’t replicate elsewhere.

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Who is...

For over 20 years, OCG Fiber Optics has been the reliable choice for businesses all over New York City and Long Island for all their internet needs. They have become known for their experience, knowledge and professionalism

With an incredibly reliable, fiber optic network, unmatched customer service and unbeatable pricing, OCG has been delighting a variety of businesses including:

- Government Agencies
- Data Centers
- Educational Facilities
- Hospitals
- Police and Fire Departments
- Small Businesses
- And more!

OCG Network Benefits

OCG Services

internet access

Symmetric upload/ download

Scalable Solutions

Dark Fiber Services

High-speed Point-to-Point

Hub and spoke network

Outside Plan Services

Layer 2 Transport services

Data Center Services

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Who is...

For over 14 years, HugeUC has been committed to listening to customers, and never settling, making them a leader in Unified Communication solutions.

That commitment and drive led HugeUC to cultivate their own unique, business-class phone service that stands out for its proven quality, feature-rich platform, unparalleled support, and a price point that’s rarely matched.

Cloud-voice Solutions


New UC users report a 20% to 40% decrease in their monthly phone bill, that alone is reason enough for some people to make the switch! No maintenance or installation fees ever again is just the icing on the cake?

Goes Where You Go

Work isn’t always confined to the office. And with our app, access to your platform isn’t either. Our app makes any desktop, smartphone, laptop, or tablet into a remote office, ready to go.

Increased Productivity

Our UC solutions are packed with the tools, features, and support that enables teams to do so much more - do it better than before - and have an easier time doing it! Happy teams can make all the difference.

Better Client Relationships

Features like enhanced call routing, auto-attendant, and priority ringing can keep the time customers spend on hold way down, leading to an increase in client satisfaction and retention.


UC solutions like ours aren’t hamstrung by clunky, expensive hardware and office equipment which can make growing unaffordable. With us, you’ll have a solid, easy-to-use communication system in place that is designed to grow with your business, keeping expenses low while keeping opportunities up.


If it’s not secure, it’s not for us. Most CEOs list Cybersecurity as one of their business’s biggest threats. Hence, we follow cybersecurity protocols to ensure our network is as secure as possible on your end, and on ours.


Our network is designed with reliability in mind. Our servers are built with redundancies after redundancies (which have their own redundancies) to ensure you’re never disconnected from your clients.


HugeUC was founded by a team of professionals that are more than a little obsessed with all things Unified Communications. But that’s great news for you! Not only will you have HugeUC experts on your side, but you’ll also never be alone with a 24/7 technical support desk ALWAYS just one call away.

Fast Start

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is time. Going from one phone solution to another might seem like a lengthy process, but our All-In-One packages and plug -and-play solutions make for fast starts, saving time and headaches.

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Services only available at these addresses

1 Little W 12 Street New York
1 State Street New York
10 Washington Place New York
100 5th Ave New York
100 6th Ave New York
100 United Nations Plaza New York
102 5th Ave New York
104 5th Ave New York
106 Liberty New York
109 W27 Street Manhattan
11 Broadway New York
110 Wall St Manhattan
111 8th Ave New York
1114 1st Ave New York
1133 York New York
1221 6th Ave New York
1275 York Ave New York
134 Spring St New York
1358 Broadway New York
14 Penn Plaza New York
1450 Broadway Manhattan
149 5th Ave New York
150 5th Ave New York
154 Grand Street New York
1585 Broadway Manhattan
160 Varick St New York
162 5th Ave New York
175 Varick Manhattan
18 W 16 St New York
18 W 18 Street Manhattan
180 Varick St Manhattan
1919 Madison Avenue New York
20 Hudson Yards Manhattan
200 Varick Street New York
201 E24 St Manhattan
202 E 70th StNew York
205 E 67 StreetNew York
205 E. 64th StNew York
205 Hudson StManhattan
209 BroadwayManhattan
218 W 18 StreetNew York
222 BroadwayNew York
222 E.70th StNew York
223 34th StreetNew York
226 W50 StManhattan
230 W54 StManhattan
233 BroadwayNew York
243 W55 StManhattan
246 W38 StreetManhattan
25 Beaver StNew York
25 BroadwayNew York
250 Hudson StNew York
250 VeseyNew York
26 BroadwayNew York
29 BroadwayNew York
30 Hudson YardsManhattan
30 Rock CenterNew York
300 E 66thNew York
304 Hudson StNew York
309 w49th StreetNew York
318 E.48thNew York
32 Ave of the AmericasNew York
325 Hudson StNew York
33 Whitehall StNew York
349 5th AveNew York
373 Park AveNew York
381 Park AveNew York
386 BroadwayManhattan
40 rector stManhattan
401 Park Ave SouthManhattan
402 E.64thNew York
408 BwayManhattan
414 W 14 StNew York
42 BroadwayNew York
425 E58 StManhattan
428 BwayManhattan
435 30th StreetNew York
435 HudsonNew York
436 Third AvenueNew York
44 W66 StManhattan
451 BroadwayNew York
452 5th AveNew York
455 BroadwayNew York
459 BroadwayNew York
460 E.63rdNew York
461 5th AveNew York
461 E14STManhattan
466 Broome StreetNew York
466 Lexington AvenueNew York
47 Howard StManhattan
48 Wall StNew York
480 2nd AvenueNew York
485 LexingtonNew York
49 Howard StManhattan
50 Broad StNew York
500 5th AveNew York
500 7th AveManhattan
511 West 18 StNew York
515 MadisonNew York
519 8th AveNew York
524 BwayManhattan
530 BroadwayNew York
532 BroadwayNew York
535 Madison AveNew York
536 BroadwayNew York
54 W. 40th StNew York
552 5th AveManhattan
592 5th AveManhattan
595 11th AveNew York
6 E 32nd StNew York
6 West 48 StreetNew York
60 Broad StNew York
60 Hudson StreetNew York
60 Madison AveNew York
620 8th AveNew York
633 3rd AveNew York
641 6th AveNew York
641 Lexington AveNew York
660 1st AvenueNew York
66Hudson YardsNew York
720 Park AveNew York
722 2nd AveNew York
724 2nd AvenueNew York
725 7th AveNew York
75 9th AveNew York
75 Spring StNew York
75 Varick StNew York
750 7th AveManhattan
755 2nd AveNew York
76 BroadwayManhattan
76 Trinity PlaceManhattan
79 Trinity PlaceManhattan
84 Wooster StNew York
85 10th AveNew York
866 3rd AveNew York
866 United Nations PlzNew York
880 3rd AveManhattan
888 7th AveManhattan
9 west 57 stNew York
902 BroadwayNew York
Lincoln centerManhattan
Penn Station – AmtrakNew York

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