What does HugeUC do?

We solve your business communications problems with more features and lower costs!

5-Star Business class phone service
at unbelievable prices

By choosing HugeUC, you will experience these valuable benefits and so many more:


Take advantage of a true unified communications platform, created on a highly redundant network.


Enjoy 5-Star Service with First-Class Customer Support… unlike with your typical voice providers.


Our redundancies have redundancies, so when the unexpected happens, we are ready.


With straightforward billing our invoices are easy to read with no hidden surprises.


Our “All-in-One” packages include handsets from leading brands along with unlimited minutes!

why hugeuc

Unified Communications​

Work from your office, home, or from the home. Seamlessly and easily.

Pricing you'll love

No hidden fees and unlimited minutes. A win-win for your business.

A winning Partnership

HugeUC is dedicated to your success! Get world-class tools and support.

What exactly is "UC"?

By definition, UC stands for Unified Communications, and refers to the systems that allow companies to access the tools they need for communication through a single application or service. That means companies can use instant messaging, email, faxing, VoIP and collaboration tools from the same User Interface. In simple terms, UC allows people around the world to communicate using their computers, desk phones or mobile devices in a unified and efficient manner. 

So now that you know about UC, it’s time to understand the benefits of HugeUC! We are a leading-edge Voice and Unified Communications provider that has fully utilized the pricing and technological advantages of the UC platform to provide your organization with the best in
business-class phone service at pricing that can’t be beat. 

Join the rapidly growing network of companies utilizing HugeUC for their communications needs!


 Functionality. Flexibility. Reliability. Affordability. These are just a few of the benefits customers realize when working with HugeUC. Our entire business model is founded on the concept of providing our business customers state-of-art Unified Communications tools and service at incredibly low prices.

We invite you to take advantage of our reliable, highly redundant network that insures maximum uptime and vital business continuity. Benefit from the cost certainty of our “All-in-One” packages that include handsets from leading brands along with unlimited minutes!

Looking to start your own UCaaS Business? We have you covered too…

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benefits of unified communications

Better Collaboration

Reduced Costs

Location Flexible


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