HugeUC Brings You True Evergreen 40% Commissions

We created HugeUC because we weren't satisfied with the Telecommunications solutions available to us.

Too many of the big guys had horrendous customer service and not-that-great prices. And the smaller guys didn’t seem to have the proper know-how or technology.

Couldn’t there be a company with a robust, modern network and platform but also had the commitment and drive of a small company?

The answer, we learned, was yes.

Pairing our state-of-the-art network, redundant redundancies, and easy-to-use platform with our personal commitment to genuinely helping our customers grow their business.

Our decades of expertise and top-of-the-line network allow us to work incredibly efficiently, and we pass those savings on to you.

Most other telecommunications companies can’t go past 25% for commissions.

Or won’t.

But we’ve learned success comes from quality.

Quality Solutions.

Quality Customer Service.


Quality Compensation!

Instead of penny-pinching every step of the way, we invest in our teams, solutions, and agents. 

We know customers who get the HugeUC experience will be long-term customers and, in the end, everyone wins. 

We want to make trying out HugeUC as easy as possible, so we’re offering one of the most competitive compensation rates out there. 

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What makes HugeUC’s solutions just-right?

We’ve spent 14 years carefully selecting the right ingredients, in the perfect balance, to bring you not just a phone system - but a phone system that’s actually a treat to use!

OUR Solutions


New UC users report a 20% to 40% decrease in their monthly phone bill, that alone is reason enough for some people to make the switch! No maintenance or installation fees ever again is just the icing on the… porridge?

Goes Where You Go

Work isn’t always confined to the office. And with our app, access to your platform isn’t either. Our app makes any desktop, smartphone, laptop, or tablet into a remote office, ready to go.

Increased Productivity

Our UC solutions are packed with the tools, features, and support that enables teams to do so much more - do it better than before - and have an easier time doing it! Happy teams can make all the difference.

Better Client Relationships

Features like enhanced call routing, auto-attendant, and priority ringing can keep the time customers spend on hold way down, leading to an increase in client satisfaction and retention.


UC solutions like ours aren’t hamstrung by clunky, expensive hardware and office equipment which can make growing unaffordable. With us, you’ll have a solid, easy-to-use communication system in place that is designed to grow with your business, keeping expenses low while keeping opportunities up.


If it’s not secure, it’s not for us. Most CEOs list Cybersecurity as one of their business’s biggest threats. Hence, we follow cybersecurity protocols to ensure our network is as secure as possible on your end, and on ours.


Our network is designed with reliability in mind. Our servers are built with redundancies after redundancies (which have their own redundancies) to ensure you’re never disconnected from your clients.


HugeUC was founded by a team of professionals that are more than a little obsessed with all things Unified Communications. But that’s great news for you! Not only will you have HugeUC experts on your side, but you’ll also never be alone with a 24/7 technical support desk ALWAYS just one call away.

Fast Start

One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is time. Going from one phone solution to another might seem like a lengthy process, but our All-In-One packages and plug -and-play solutions make for fast starts, saving time and headaches.

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