Unified Communications Solutions

If Your Business Uses a Phone…We Have a Solution

Our redundant network is secure, reliable, and perfect for today’s Unified Communications Solutions

Unified Communications to Improve Business Productivity.

HugeUC has state-of-the-art Unified Communications solutions that will benefit any business or industry. From the single shop around the corner to the multi-location chain with franchises around the country… Law Offices or Call Centers… Looking to save or looking to improve inter-office communications… Huge SIP is ready to provide the ideal solution.

Work From Home
This often thrown around phrase really should say “Work From Anywhere.” As the coronavirus has forever changed the business and world landscape, it has also highlighted the need for business to be able to communicate and work efficiently and seamlessly while not being in the office. As businesses struggle to optimize their data sharing and remote work communications, HugeUC has perfect solutions for your organization’s specific needs. With HugeUC, working from ANYWHERE has never been easier or more cost effective. Work from wherever you are, whenever it might be and your customers will never know the difference.

Business Continuity
HugeUC is dedicated to keeping your business running, while we handle your telecommunications domain. With 3 data centers, located across New Jersey and New York, even through outages your organization can keep running. Customers are given the peace of mind that their organization can be productive no matter the circumstances, with backups and constant support.

All Inclusive Bundle Packages
With HugeUC’s attractive All-Inclusive Phone & Service Bundles, your business does not need to be left behind in the world of rapidly changing telecommunications technologies. Our plans include free handsets from the top brands combined with unlimited minutes so that your business has minimal up-front out of pocket costs combined with low prices and cost certainty as you move forward.

At Your Desktop or On Your Mobile
Work smarter with next-generation collaboration and communications tools. Start at your office and then take your call onto the road seamlessly. Desktop, tablet, or mobile device — HugeUC is how you communicate from wherever you are!.

Guaranteed Call Quality, Reliability, and Redundancy. Connections from Any Device, Any Time. That’s the HugeUC Unified Communications Solution to any problem!

HugeUC’s network is housed across four data centers throughout the Eastern United States in Piscataway, NJ; South Charleston, WV; Hauppauge, NY; and Ashburn, VA. This use of redundancy to manage traffic across our entire platform ensures your customers’ networks are continuously up and running. All of our facilities are active at all times and can serve as a full backup if an issue ever occurs at one of our other centers.

Upgrade Your Communications and Start Saving Today

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